Massage: Different Types

Welcome to Sticks and Stones Massage’s first blog! This week I want to write about the different types of massages. Each week I will write about a different topic related to massage. Each month will have a theme. February’s theme is Massage. This month will be short but include the different types of massage, Do’s & Don’ts pre and post-massage, pressure, comfort level, expectations, tipping, benefits, etc.

Let’s jump right in! There are many different types of massages. To name a few: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular, Cupping, Warm/Hot/Cold Stones, Bamboo Fusion, Lymphatic Drainage, Pre and Post-Natal, Thai Foot, Thai Table, Thai Mat, Bendegeweb, etc. The ones I listed will have more details in March’s blog. I will have an email link and will make a post on FaceBook, Instagram, and Twitter so you can submit questions about the blog or general massage. I will answer all questions on social media and each week’s blog. You can find me on social media @SticksStonesMT

My goal for this blog is to post every Monday a new topic of the monthly theme. Bring engagement, frequent questions about massage, and open communication. 

Stay tuned as I grow my blog into something you will look forward to reading every week and see it transition into a real blog and be patient through the start!

Next week: Topic: Do’s and Do Not’s Pre and Post-Massage

Don’t forget to send questions about this week’s blog or next week’s topic.

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