How To Pick a Point of Sale System

Are you a massage therapist or in an industry that sells services, gift certificates, or pre-paid services? If so, this article is for you!

Let us talk about Point of Sale Systems (POS). Do you know what to use, or do you like what you are using? There are several out there, and I will not go over all of them. I will talk about the ones I use and why. Do your research and try demos or 30-day free trials if you can. When looking for a POS system, you want to look at a few key things: 1. What is the cost per swipe/transaction? 2. Does it integrate with your booking site or website? 3. Is it easy to use/user-friendly? 4. Does it offer reports/sales tracking/etc.? 5. Do the features meet your needs? 6. As my business grows, will the system grow with me?

Those are some basic questions you need to answer when picking your POS. When I first opened my business, I used Quickbooks for two weeks, and then I decided on an online booking software integrated with Stripe. I had never heard of Stripe and did a lot of research to ensure it was safe and legit for my clients’ cards and my business information. I loved everything about it and still use Stripe to this day. I love how it has continued to grow and add features. I also needed a POS system for clients to check out when in the office versus paying online when they book. I quickly found Square and did my research on it also. A few years later, my online booking software integrated with Square. I still use Stripe for my online bookings and Square for my in-person sales. Both systems track and have great reports that you can pull. 

Why do I keep both POS systems? I use Stripe for online bookings (pre-paid), series, gift certificates, and holding clients’ credit cards to reserve their appointments. Clients can save their card on file when they book online. If they choose not to, I flag the account and let them know a card or pre-payment is needed to rebook. Once the card is on file, the client can use the card on file, or I can use another card with Square POS or cash. My Square POS is for daily sales, swiping the card, and logging cash, pre-paids, series, and gift certificates. Logging these helps track sales for reports. My Stripe POS goes to my savings account, and money is transferred once the appointment is checked out. My Square POS goes to a checking account, and a percentage of each sale goes into an HYSA for taxes and savings. 

Keeping the money in my Stripe account separate helps keep funds in one account until the client uses the appointment. The money isn’t mine or the business until the appointment is completed. I have refunded a gift certificate sale twice in ten years because it was bought online by someone who clicked on the wrong business in the wrong state. It happens, and they didn’t realize it until months later; keeping funds separate helps if and when events like that arise. 

Make sure you pick a POS that has a good reporting system. Reports will help you track new and existing clients as you grow, cash flow, services you sell more of, and what doesn’t sell well. You can adjust your menu or specials you offer based on these reports. 

Check with your liability insurance and see what offers or discounts you receive for different POSs. Stripe charges 2.9% + .30 cents per transaction. With ABMP, they offer a discount, which I believe lowers it to 2.75% per transaction. Square charges 2.6% +.10 cents per transaction. Both integrate with my online booking software, which also offers a discount. 

I help massage therapists pick the right system for their business regardless of whether they stay solo or grow and expand. Not sure which system is best for you; let me know. I offer month-to-month coaching helping massage therapists start, grow, or expand their practice. Go from survive to success!

Check out my Instagram @sticksstonesconsult, and if you are ready to start your business, click here.

This is not a paid ad. This is my opinion based on my practice and research.

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