Do it! Delegate it! Dump it! for Self-Care

Do you have enough time for your self-care? Probably not! I have a few tips to help you find more time for relaxing and self-care. These are from the Do it! Delegate it! Dump it! System:

Do it: anything that takes 5 minutes or less, DO IT and forget about it. Write the check, put it away, make a quick call, or reply to the email. There, done and off your list and out of your mind.

Delegate it: As you are going through your list of things that need to get done, ask yourself, can someone else do this? Can I hire someone to do this? Pay your kid some extra chore money?

Asking for help isn’t always easy, but there is no reason why other family members can’t cook dinner or put a kid to bed to give you some much-needed time alone.

Occasionally when you ask for help, you can be met with some resistance; people don’t really like change! Hopefully, with some honest communication, you will be able to get a few things off your plate. Check out this article for some tips: Ending the chore wars: How to get your mate to help out on the home front. Hiring a house cleaner is a beautiful gift that you can give yourself. Talk about a stress reducer!

Dump it! Some things don’t need to get done. I don’t fold and wash laundry on the same day. I will hang up everything from the dryer as soon as it completes its cycle, but folding laundry and studio sheets can be folded the next day. **Quite often, I change my plan to get stuff off my list. Is there an easier way to get the same result? Are party plans getting stressful? Pick up some store-made food. If I make too many plans for the weekend, I have no problem canceling because I need home time. My friends understand. I never bail on my commitments, like volunteer work, but I will cancel other plans if I’m overly stressed. When stress piles up, start dumping and get a massage!

What can you Do, Dump or Delegate today?

Some examples are: I have someone come once a month and clean my house; I make sure my work schedule doesn’t get overloaded, and I plan my meals for the week, then make my grocery list and pick up groceries the next day. 

Let me know what things you do for Self-Care!

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